What is scoop?


Scoop Meaning

Scoop is a utensil commonly used in commercial kitchen and household kitchen.

It looks like a spoon with a handle and a deep bowl. It is used for moving substances between containers.

Table of Content 

1) Material

2) Type 


Scoop is usually made of Polypropylene (PP) and Stainless Steel. Both materials are durable but stainless steel comes more rigid.


Ice-cream scoop

It is used to scoop ice cream. It is ideal for use at home, in a restaurant, in a party or an ice cream shop. You can easily scoop beautiful balls of ice cream, sorbet and fruit like melon.

Pea scoop

It is used to serve peas and other small food from boiling water. It usually comes with long handle to avoid getting too close to the heat.

Ice scoop / Flour scoop

Although it is named as ice scoop / flour scoop, it is not limited to use for ice and flour only. It is an excellent tool for bar, restaurant, or grocery store for handling wet or dry food.

Sunnex has different types of scoop for different usage. Please contact our sales team for details.