Do you know the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?


                                         Do you know the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China date from many ancient fairies tale, such as The Goddess Chang’s fly to the moon, Wu Gang Chopping Trees and moon Rabbit Grinding Medicine, etc. Autumn also a harvest season in ancient, so the family will get together to celebrate the harvest, and commemorate chang’e at the same time. On that day, the moon is bigger and round than usual, and the full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion, therefore the Mid-Festival also symbolizes family reunion and happiness.


There are many activities held by ancient and modern people to celebrate the mid-autumn festival, such like the worship the moon, admire the moon, visit the moon, tide watching, guessing riddles, osmanthus flowers and play lanterns. What the most common things to do in the festival is eat mooncake. As for the mooncake, it similar to the moon, and it also a symbol of family reunion, friendship, Chinese culture and cuisine.


In SUNNEX corporate, we hold the activity to celebrate the festival with all company staff together. Take the year of 2020 for example, SUNNEX sent each staff a box of moon cake, and held a buffet party for eat and drink, sing and dance, which made everyone feel like at home. What will the SUNNEX do for Mid-Autumn Festival of 2021, just wait and see.


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