Wide variety of Chafing Dish


The unique utensils brewed by the buffet culture. What pays attention to is a novel food culture of quiet, fusion and freedom. Most of the chafing dishes are divided into 3 types, single plate, double plate, and multiple plate.


Generally higher grades, most of which are single servings and double servings, while single servings are generally round in shape and double servings are in square shape. You can see large buffets. Generally, you can enjoy a super-value buffet without spending a lot of money. service.

 chafing dish

The environment of the buffet is more elegant with a suitable stainless steel or gilded chafing dish, which is unique to the modern city.


Buffets are developing rapidly nowadays, and tableware has also become more abundant. Buffet stoves, buffet soup stoves, buffet coffee stoves, self-service juice dispensers, etc. were born.